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What is a Scout-O-Rama?”

It’s one of the best way for us to show our communities all the great things that go on in Scouting. It is 40-50 Scouting units in the Town Center Mall with nearly 2,000 Scouts, visitors, friends, and family all wanting to see what Scouting is about.

“Why Should Our Unit Participate?”

It is a lot of fun! It is a chance to show off why your unit is the best. It is a chance to see other Scouting units and community organizations in action.

“What Can Our Unit Do?”

The possibilities are limitless!!! (except for the space and rules of the mall): Pinewood derbies, space derbies, rain gutter regatta, rubber band target shooting, soap carving, realistic first aid, model campsites, monkey bridges (think safety!), map and compass, leather work, mask making, and the list goes on. Plan now for your display (remember to make it interactive) and mark the date on your calendar. Complete packets will be distributed to all units in November.

“Is There Anything Else We Can Do?”

YES. We need your help planning SCOUT-O-RAMA 2013. Please contact Lynn Johnson via e-mail at lynnhjohnson@gmail.com or Ron Walsh via e-mail at rwalsh@bsamail.org if you are interested in helping.

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