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Announcing New Patch: "WIND OF THE SPIRIT"

“Wind can be soothing, calming, and cooling. Wind can also be scary, dangerous, and destructive. The Bible tells us that God is in the wind, that God is with us in and through all times and situations.”

This opening excerpt introduces “Wind of the Spirit,” the newest patch in the RP3 Series. As we look forward to spring and the wind that accompanies it, use the following lessons to remind us of God's constant presence

Story #1: Creation: Wind from God

From the very beginning of creation, God has been present filling the world with the wind of the Spirit. The comforting news is that God was present, still is present, and always will be present to us.

Story #2: Elijah and the Gentle Whisper

God comes to us sometimes in unexpected ways.

Story #3: Jesus Stills a Storm

Remember that Jesus is with us even in scary times to remind us to have faith in him

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Martin Luther said, “The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid.” By sponsoring a patch, you are reaching out to children, youth and families and nurturing a lifelong love of Holy Scripture. A patch sponsorship costs $1,000 to help cover the startup expenses of new curriculum and patch inventory. Please consider sponsoring a patch. Click here to see the patches available for sponsorship. Call P.R.A.Y. at 1-800-933-7729 to sponsor a patch today.

12 ways to celebrate Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath and/or Scout Jumuah

  1. Wear your Scout uniform to worship services.
  2. Present religious emblems to Scouts, leaders and Venturers who have earned them in the past year.
  3. Recruit several Scouts or Scouters to read passages from religious text.
  4. Involve uniformed Scouts as greeters, ushers, gift bearers or the color guard.
  5. Invite a Scout or Scouter to serve as a guest speaker or deliver the sermon.
  6. Hold an Eagle Scout court of honor during the worship service.
  7. Host a pancake breakfast before, between or after services.
  8. Collect food for a local food pantry.
  9. Light a series of 12 candles while briefly explaining the points of the Scout Law.
  10. Show a video or photo slideshow of highlights from the pack, troop, crew or ship’s past year.
  11. Bake (or buy) doughnuts to share before services.
  12. Make a soft recruiting play by setting up a table near the entrance to answer questions about your Scout unit.

Where do I wear the Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath or Scout Jumuah patch?

Wear it in the temporary patch location: centered on the right pocket.

Where can I get Scout Sunday 2018 stuff?

Visit your local Scout Shop or use the the links below:

Religious Emblems and Activities

Duty to God PatchA Scout is reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.

To encourage members to grow stronger in their faith, religious groups have developed the following religious emblems programs. The Boy Scouts of America has approved of these programs and allows the emblems to be worn on the official uniform. The various religious groups administer the programs. Check with your local council service center or contact the religious organization directly to obtain the curriculum booklets.

For more information about Religious Emblems Programs ...

Who Are the Recipients?

Each year a number of Scouts in different faiths are recognized for earning the Religious Emblem Award of their faith. Click on this link to see this honor roll of Scouts and Scouters who truly live A Scout is Reverent.; If your name and award is not listed, send an email to RanchoAlegre@cox.net.

What Awards Are There?

The National Council has compiled a list outlining all the religious awards programs known to Scouting. The chart of Religious Emblems Programs lists the programs and contact information.

What Do I Receive?

Religious Awards Program Chart

Upon completion of your religious awards program, you will receive 2 items:

a)  A medal, created by your religious leaders, for your specific program:

b)  A uniform "Knot", which signifies to the world that you have made the effort to participate in and complete this valuable program.
Religious Emblem - Youth Knot Youth Religious Award - Worn by youth and adult members who received a religious emblem as a youth member.
Religious Award - Adult Knot Adult Religious Award - Worn by adults who received a religious award as an adult.

Religious Emblem Requirements

We have made an effort to provide links to program information we are aware of. These are listed below. If you are aware of any additional links that would be helpful for others to know about, please let us know:

Other Religious Emblems

Additional Locations for Obtaining Award Requirements, Workbooks, & Emblems
  • Programs of Religious Activities with Youth

    Note: Many of the different award medals and materials are supplied through an independent group known as "PRAY" - Programs of Religious Activities with Youth. Their website contains pictures of the specific medals that are issued in affiliation with the religious groups. The Youth and Adult Knots are the only recognitions issued by the BSA.

Duty to God
Does your Unit Have a Chaplain Aide?
  • Chaplain Aide PatchA Chaplain Aide is an important member of the Patrol Leader Council or Green Bar Council in your unit. The individual can use the time served in this position for advancement. What are some of the duties of a Chaplain Aide?
  • Promote Religious Emblem Program for Scouts of all faiths.
  • Assist the Chaplain and Clergy with conducting religious formation of Scouts or organizing Scout Sunday/Sabbath service.
  • Ensure that unit conducts services and blessings when on outings, at meetings, or Court of Honor.
  • Highlights different religious holidays and dietary requirements when planning outings.
  • Serves on the Patrol Leader Council.
  • In some units a Scout in this position will also be responsible for the following:
    • Tracking medical as well as religious dietary needs of Scouts, especially when that Scout is not present at a planning meeting for an outing.  (Example: Scouts allergic to nuts or certain fruits.)
    • Organizing and assigning individuals or patrols for flag ceremonies or troop opening and closing meeting ceremonies.
Venturing TRUST Award
Religious and Community Life Award

In the years since Venturing started, the program has been Venturing Trust Awarddefined by the activities Venturers do. Nationally, Religious and Community Life crews form the largest population in Venturing. Following in the tradition of the Quartermaster, Ranger, and Quest awards, a similar, challenging award program has therefore been created for Venturing's religious life emphasis. Designed The TRUST award is a unique opportunity for the youth of Venturing.

Trust is an essential aspect of our relationship with others both personally and corporately. As members of the Scouting movement, Venturers are often looked upon to be trusted leaders in matters of morality, maturity, and service. But they live in an increasingly pluralistic society, and it is a challenging task to discover how these concepts are interpreted by people of different nationalities, cultures, and religions. One way to do this is to listen to and study about different viewpoints that people hold. In other words, learning about the things that have a daily impact on people's lives. As Venturers it is imperative that they lead our communities in building trust and well-being.

While working on the TRUST award, Venturers will learn more about themselves, their communities, their religion and culture, as well as those of others. As with many other requirements throughout the Venturing Program, Venturers will be required to share what they learn with others.

  • Help Venturers learn about their own religion and how it affects their life.
  • Give Venturers the opportunity to pursue understanding and knowledge of cultures other than their own.
  • Promote understanding and tolerance.
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts both internally and externally, with positive outcomes.
  • Understand how other world religions work and how multiple religions can work together.
  • Learn about religion and culture within the context of the BSA.
  • Develop highly trained Venturers who may become a training and leadership resource to dens, packs, and troops, religious organizations, the community, schools, and families.
  • Provide Venturers a variety of practical, hands-on experiences while having FUN.

Roman Catholics

Scout Sunday 2015 - St Rose Church, Paso Robles

Scout Sunday 2015 at St. Rose of Lima Church, Paso Robles

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