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Week 2

Week 2
Last Day To Register
2680 Highway 154 (Rancho Alegre)
Santa Barbara, CA 93105, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Rancho Alegre Patch with RockersChurch Friendly Boy Scout Camp for all Units - Week 2

Discounts:  Discounts will be credited to your account during the first week of June based on these factors:
  • Complete payment for all registered Scouts meeting the June 1st deadline.
  • Adult Leaders attending based on the following criteria
    • 5 to 10 Scouts attending - 1 free adult
    • 11 to 19 Scouts attending - 2 free adults
    • 20 to 29 Scouts attending - 3 free adults
    • 30 to 39 Scouts attending - 4 free adults
    • 40 or more Scouts attending - 5 free adults

SHARED LEADER has no charge for the second adult coming to camp to replace another adult who is leaving mid-week.  If you are using SHARED LEADER that individual will not be charged unless there is an overlap of meals and then only for that meal.  One of the individual sharing must be paid.  Both leaders must comply with completion of all forms and health checks.

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$210.00 per Adult Leader (Discount applied by Council Adjust.)
$315.00 per In Council Day Camper Scout
$375.00 per In Council Provisional
$350.00 per In Council Scout
$400.00 per Out of Council Provisional Scout
$375.00 per Out of Council Scout