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Los Padres CouncilRancho Alegre Capital Campaign
  • Cope - Giant Swing
  • COPE - Climbing Wall
  • New Dorm Buildings
  • Trailer Roof Replacement
  • Solar Panels
  • Walk of the Eagles

Leaving a Legacy 

Camp Rancho Alegre

Los Padres Council is committed to keeping the tradition of Rancho Alegre alive for the future of Scouting and community camping. The following list of improvements has been identified to maintain the quality of the outdoor experience for both youth and adults.



New water well

A second well to meet the water needs of our year-round camp program


Costs include survey, drilling, and treatment equipment

Replace roofs on two dorm buildings with metal roofs

Current roofs are over 25 years old and are in dire need of replacement


($20,000 each)

Replace roofs on 5 mobile homes with metal roofs

Mobile homes are used to house Outdoor School staff and roofs are also in need of replacement


($8,000 each)

Install solar system on Friendship Lodge and in pool area

Solar sources to meet our electrical needs will save on utility costs and will be in line with the environmental emphasis of the Outdoor School


($28,000 each)

Repave main entrance road

Repave road from Highway 154 entrance gate to upper parking lot above dining hall


Includes costs for curbing and drains

Build new climbing wall

Thank You

Install a climbing wall at the COPE course for older Scouts.



Install two new dorms with bathrooms

Dorms would replace current portable units that do not have bathrooms, this will better meet the needs of Outdoor School and retreat participants

$1,000,000 total,

($500,000 each)

Extend 4 inch water line with hydrant to Ranch House and Larsen Meadow.

This enhancement to our water system would improve our available water for drinking water and fire suppression.


Install and expand "Walk of Eagles" from Camp French

Project would include the installation of a wall and plaques and continue a long tradition that was begun at Camp French.


Convert Comanche Campsite to a handicap-accessible site

Site would allow camp to conform with national BSA standards.


(includes rest room)

Second water storage tank

100,000 gallon tank would double our water storage capacity

(tank, extension of water main, & permitting

Replace Wooden Shed at Swimming Pool which is used for chemical storage with cinderblock building

Safety and Health; protection of chemicals


Bring Cub Land (on Larsen Meadow side of camp) back to a usable state. Renovate kybo's and picnic tables.  A shaded area would be nice.  Establish an activity area for Cubs.

Provides a second area for Cub Scouts and outside groups to use for picnics and outings

Mostly Labor



A large tractor capable of performing on our 230 acres.  Can be new or used.
For more information about specific requirements and needs contact Scott Oldenburg at 686-5167)

$40,000 - $80,000
(used or new)

Carlos Cortez at 967-0105 or Scott Oldenburg at 686-5167

For a copy of this project list, click here


Los Padres Council is committed to keeping the tradition of Rancho Alegre alive for the future of Scouting and community camping.

The following list of improvements have been completed over the last several years in order to provide improved facilities and a better outdoor experience for the youth and adults that we serve.


Projects Completed

Installed new roof for dining hall.

The new roof is mostly metal, but is      composed of fusion-welded PVC material above the camp kitchen.

contracted project.


Removed 50 to 60 diseased and dying trees.

Ongoing project to deal with ramifications of current drought.

some services are contracted, some are provided by ranger staff.

Repaired main road

Repair of front entrance road to improve access to main part of camp.

materials and equipment, labor by ranger staff.

Installed shotgun range

Accomplished in several phases, expands the camp’s ability to offer a variety of shooting sports.

materials, some labor donated.

Added various “high elements” to COPE course

Improves the camp’s ability to attract older Scouts.

materials, OA and staff labor.

Installed walkways to Ranch House

Replaced dirt paths that led to main camp residence

materials, ranger and volunteer labor.

Reroofed cottage and adjacent building

Eliminated leakage problem for one of our oldest camp buildings.

$  6,000
contracted project.

Repaired dining hall deck

Addressed safety concerns and preserved a key assembly area for camp program and food service.

$  6,000
materials, volunteer labor.

Reroofed Health Lodge

Necessary repair to one of our most-used buildings in the core of camp.

$  5,000
contracted project.

Replaced old dining hall boiler with new Rinnai tankless water heater

New water heater is highly efficient, provides for on-demand needs, and will save on energy costs.

$ 4,500
materials (some skilled volunteer labor was donated).

Rebuilt deck and ramp outside of Eagle’s Nest dormitory.


Part of an ongoing process to replace old decking outside of dormitories.

$ 3,500
materials, labor provided by ranger staff.

Repaired septic line below Eagle’s Nest dormitory.

Excavation, cleaning, and replacement of sections of septic line.

$ 2,500
materials and rental equipment.

Installed new fence around COPE course.

New fence clearly delineates area
for better safety and upgrades the appearance of the entrance area to the main camp.

$ 1,500
in donated materials, materials were donated by Chumash OA Lodge, labor provided by OA & APhiO fraternity.


The following vendors and community organizations have contributed both time and money to make improvements at Rancho Alegre.  On behalf of all our youth, we extend our grateful thanks and appreciation!

NRA Logo

National Rifle Association




Granite Construction

Seabee Battalion
Port Hueneme

Alpha Phi Omega Logo

Psi Chapter
UC Santa Barbara

Mr. Richard Berti

Chumash Lodge 90
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