February 2012

February 2012 A newsletter for all valued Scouters. Volume 2, Issue 2

2012 Los Padres Council
Annual Recognition Dinner

Silver Beaver Recipients
2012 Silver Beavers Honorees are: Ed deBruin, John DeLeon, Ashley White and James Gutierrez (not pictured)

The Silver Beaver Award is the council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Recipients of this award are registered adult leaders who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given to the council. The Silver Beaver is an award given to those who implement the Scouting program and perform community service through hard work, self sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service.

The next time you see one of our 2012 Silver Beaver Award recipients, congratulate them on receiving the highest award the Los Padres Council can bestow upon a volunteer.

In addition to the recognition our Silver Beaver Recipients received during the council dinner a number of other good volunteer Scouters were recognized for their hard work and dedication to our Scouting movement.

The Distinguished Commissioner Award
Distinguished CommissionersThis year four commissioners received the Distinguished Commissioner Award. This award recognizes commissioners who provide quality unit service as they help our Scouting units succeed over a five year period of service. The 2012 recipients of the Distinguished Commissioner Award in the Los Padres Council are: Andrea Mesko, Emil Mesko, Mark Sands, and Ashley White.

Venturing Council Leadership Award
Venturing Leader AwardThe Venturing Leadership Award was presented by the Los Padres Councils to Jon McCoid of Crew 413 of Arroyo Grande for his exceptional contributions to Venturing as he exemplifies the Venturing Code and the Venturing Oath in his daily life. In this picture Los Padres Council, Vice President of Program, Lynn Johnson presents the award to Jon McCoid during the council recognition dinner.

Veteran Service Awards
During the council recognition dinner Vickie Sorensen was presented a 30 year veteran service award for her service to Scouting as a den leader, pack committee member, troop committee member, venture crew committee member and district committee member. Terry Pew was also presented a 60 year veteran award. His adult volunteer positions are too numerous to list.


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Journey to Excellence



Welding Merit Badge

“Become a Friend of Scouting”

FOS 2012
2012 Friends of Scouting
"Prepared. For life." patch

Each year, our Scout parents, leaders and community friends are asked to support some of the hidden costs of Scouting. The Los Padres Council, currently serves more than 7,000 Scouting youth in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties and another 4,000 youth who attend our Outdoor School at Rancho Alegre. The Scouting program and Outdoor School both provide numerous benefits to our youth. The Los Padres Council annually spends in excess of $150 per youth to provide a quality Scouting program.

Benefits of a Quality Scouting Program

The Values of Scouting
The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Study results indicate that Scouts with at least five years’ tenure are more likely than boys who have never been Scouts to:

  • Assume leadership roles in clubs or school organizations,
  • Put the needs of others before their own,
  • Have higher self-confidence,
  • Be active in a variety of after-school activities, and
  • Resist peer pressure to take part in delinquent or dishonest activities.

Scouting Teaches Life Skills
Scouting also provides youth with skills that help them cope with any situation. Youth say Scouting has taught them to:

  • Always give their best effort,
  • Always be honest,
  • Treat others with respect,
  • Set goals,
  • Stay physically fit, and
  • Take care of the environment.

Scouting and Academic Performance
Scouts agree that Scouting activities have helped them improve their performance in science, reading, and math.

And Scouts are also more likely than other boys to report earning high grades in school.

Prepared. For Life.Scouting can help your son "Be Prepared" for life! Help us provide your child the benefits of Scouting by making a donation to our Friends of Scouting Campaign.

Please contact your local council service center to schedule your unit's Friends of Scouting (FOS) presentation today.

2012 Friends of Scouting brochure

What Will Your Son's Future Hold?

Voice of the Scout

Voice of the ScoutIn 2012, the Journey to Excellence program launches the BSA’s first nation-wide effort to directly engage with our membership base. The initiative is called the VOICE OF THE SCOUT (VOS), and it is a system of continuous surveys and reports that will capture the value our members, parents and volunteers are associating with Scouting. Through these experiences we can understand what is driving word-of-mouth referrals to Scouting and loyalty to our program.

Due to the sheer volume of surveys in this program, we must deliver them via e-mail to effectively and efficiently collect opinions. To make the most of this program we will begin asking for e-mails updates regularly.

Voice of the Scout is how we will help guide our decision-making for our future programs and operational delivery. Please take a few minutes of your time to participate!

Voice of the Scout - Factsheet overview

Youth Protection begins with You!Youth Protection Begins with You!

This is how it works: Adult Volunteers

Step 1 - Chartered Organizations Reference Check
Chartered organizations provide local insight and ongoing supervision. The involvement of local chartered organizations (churches, schools, or civic groups) helps ensure that volunteers are known and trusted in the community.

Step 2 - Application
All adults who have been selected as potential leaders of youth by a chartered organization must provide references, past addresses, and other community affiliations, and affirm that they have had no criminal accusations made against them.

Step 3 - Criminal Background Check
The BSA requires criminal background checks on all Scout leaders. The background checks are administered by LexisNexis, a nationally respected third party that also provides this service to many local, state, and federal governments; educational institutions; and other non profits.

Step 4 - Ineligible Volunteer File Check
The BSA’s Ineligible Volunteer Files serve as a barrier to entry, preventing those who are believed to be unfit to serve as Scout leaders from joining the organization. An individual may be determined to be unfit for leadership for any reason, regardless of whether the accusations have been proven and whether or not the alleged misconduct happened in Scouting. Applicants are checked against the file, and if an applicant has been determined to be ineligible, they are not permitted to join Scouting.

Step 5 - Adult Leader Youth Protection Training
All registered adult volunteers are required to complete the BSA’s Youth Protection training every two years. The training is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is how it works: Parents and Scouts

Step 1 - Parental and Scout Youth Protection Education
Parents and youth are required to review the BSA’s Youth Protection materials, available at the front of every handbook, as a joining requirement.

Step 2 - Parental Policy Notification
Every application for youth membership advises parents about the basic principles of youth protection. Every parent completing a youth membership form acknowledges awareness of the BSA’s Youth Protection policies.

Step 3 - Empowerment of Scouts
Scouts are required to complete Youth Protection training before entering the program and as a requirement for rank advancement.

The BSA teaches the “three R’s” of youth protection, which convey an important message in a clear manner easily understood by youth members:

  • Recognize situations that place them at risk, how child molesters operate, and that anyone could be a molester.
  • Resist unwanted and inappropriate attention. Resistance will stop most attempts at molestation.
  • Report attempted or actual molestation to a parent or other trusted adult. This prevents further abuse and helps protect other children. Understand that you will not be blamed for what occurred.

Review the complete Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection policy at www.scouting.org/bsayouthprotection.

Mandatory Report of Child Abuse

All persons involved in Scouting shall report to local authorities any good-faith suspicion or belief that any child is or has been physically or sexually abused, physically or emotionally neglected, exposed to any form of violence or threat, exposed to any form of sexual exploitation including the possession, manufacture, or distribution of child pornography; online solicitation; enticement; or showing of obscene material. No person may abdicate this reporting responsibility to any other person.

Notify your Scout executive of this report, or of any violation of BSA’s Youth Protection policies, so that he or she may take appropriate action for the safety of our Scouts, make appropriate notifications, and follow up with investigating agencies.

Reference Material

Youth Protection of the Boy Scouts of AmericaNew

Know the Facts: BSA Youth Protection

BSA Youth Protection page

2012 National Youth Leadership Training

June 18-23, 2012 at Camp Mabel French

NYLTNational Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is the Los Padres Council's advanced leadership training course for Scouting's youth leaders. NYLT is a course staffed and led primarily by Boy Scouts. The course material can be applied to all aspects of a Scout's life, not just his Scouting leadership. Through activities, events, games, and adventures, participants will work hard and play hard as they put into action the best Scouting has to offer.

If you can SEE it, you can BE it!

NYLT is a fantastic experience! Check out the program brochure and submit your participant application to attend today. For more information and a Scout Application Form, click here. . To obtain a Scoutmaster Guide to NYLT and Nomination Form, click here.

For additional information about the 2012 National Youth Leadership Training course contact Tim Collins, Course Director at TimothyBCollins@hotmail.com.

“Are You Tougher Than A Boy Scout?” debuts fall 2012

This story was originally run in Bryan on Scouting - A Blog for BSA's Adult Leaders January 20, 2012

"In a test of outdoors skills, who would win: Boy Scouts or adults who are out of Scouting?

Though the answer seems obvious, it’ll sure be fun to see those adults try.

National Geographic ChannelThat’s the promise behind the newest reality show, Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?, set to debut this fall on the National Geographic Channel.

The six-episode series starts production this spring.

At the helm is Original Productions and its founder Thom Beers, who is no stranger to the kind of gritty, action-packed shows that Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? promises to be.

His company is responsible for a long list of top-rated shows, including Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, Coal, Ax Men, 1,000 Ways to Die, Storage Wars,and Pitchmen.

“I was three badges short of my Eagle Scout badge, and I know I am not alone,” Beers says. “This series is going to allow people like me one more chance to achieve such an incredible milestone. Plus, it’s authentic, has a fun and interesting set of circumstances and underdog characters with a story to tell. And frankly, who doesn’t love the Boy Scouts?”

I’m sold. So is the Boy Scouts of America’s Chief Scout Executive, Bob Mazzuca, who says he looks forward to the “wonderful, unique opportunity to demonstrate the value, fun, and challenge of Scouting to audiences who might be wondering what Scouting in 2012 is all about.”

I’ll share more details as soon as I get them. Stay tuned."

Press Release

Seven Eagle Scouts in Troop 37!

Seven Eagle Scouts

Seven Scouts of Troop 37, South Coast District, received the Eagle Scout Rank in 2011. These Seven Scout accounted for 1466 hours of Service Project Time. Top row (l-r), Connor Proctor, Improve the McKinley springs Campground in the Los Padres Forest, by replacing the watering tank, the picnic table and wilderness toilet [169 hrs]; William Proctor, Installed a wilderness toilet at the Sycamore Campground in the Los Padres Forest [568 hrs]; Tyler Casper, Built a Bike Shed at the Garden Preschool [125 hrs]; Kyle Kovacs, Constructed and delivered 10 Bat Boxes to the Santa Barbara City Parks [144 hrs]; Bottom Row (l-r), John Deacon SA; Galen Collins, Refurbished the Horse Corrals at the Santa Barbara Humane Society [243 hrs]; Tyler Nichoson, Renovated the Announcers Booth at the Goleta Valley South Little League Field [115 hrs]; James Deacon, Built three picnic tables for the Fairview Farms [102 hrs]; Elmer Jones SM.

Congratulations to the seven Eagle Scouts of Troop 37 in 2011! We are proud of you.

Changes to California Child Safety Seat Belt Law

Seat BeltCalifornia Law (Effective 01/01/2012):

Just a friendly reminder to all of our great parents and Cub Scout Leaders that the new seat belt law that takes effect January 1, requires that all children age 8 or younger must be properly buckled into a car seat or booster seat, and in the back seat. In addition, children age 8 or older that are not tall enough for the seat belt to fit properly must ride in a booster or seat as well.

A child fits an adult seat belt when:

  • They can sit against the vehicle seat back with their knees bent without slouching and can comfortably
    stay in in this position throughout the trip.
  • The lap belt is low on the hips touching the upper thighs
  • The shoulder belt crosses the chest, but is not on the face or neck

Previously the law required that children remain in a booster seat until age 6 or they weighed 60 pounds.

The ticket for violating this law is significant. For each child younger than age 16 who is not properly secured, parents (if in the car) or the driver can be ticketed for more than $475 and receive a violation point on their driving record.

Most children impacted by the new law can remain in the booster seat they already have. If it is necessary to buy a new one, low back boosters can be purchased at major retailers for between $15 and $25.

Never let children put the shoulder belt behind their arm or back. In a crash, the child could sustain major injuries, including head and spinal cord injuries. If children are putting the shoulder belts behind them that is a sign that they still need a booster.

Drivers of Scouts on outings should be prepared with booster seats for all those younger Cubs that are affected by this new law. Remember, SAFE SCOUTING is no accident!

For more information about car seats, the new law or help in determining if your child still needs a booster seat, call your local health department, or the California Highway Patrol, or the California Office of Traffic Safety.

New Child Booster Law in Effect Jan. 1

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Training Times’: New Rules for ‘Trained’ Leaders

Trained LeadersThe Winter 2012 issue of The Training Times newsletter has been published and is available online.
(A PDF version also is available.)

Volunteer Training

Our Vision - We enable a training culture that supports regions, areas, and councils to deliver effective, fun, and accessible training to all adult and youth leaders.

Our Mission - It is the mission of the Volunteer Training Team to support the mission of the Boy Scouts of America by:

  • Working cross-functionally with stakeholders, producing training resources, products, and strategies which enable councils to deliver effective, fun, and accessible training to all adult and youth leaders.
  • Creating opportunities to enhance leadership skills in youth and adults through advanced training.
  • Continually assessing our training and delivery model to ensure relevant and effective training for both the current and future states of an evolving Boy Scouts of America.

Winter 212 Training Times

Sue Ayling is on the Road to Retirement!
Let’s Celebrate Her Service to Scouting

RetirementIn the early 1990’s, Sue’s dad Stan Bartlett (former board president for the Mission Council) asked her to “temporarily” step in as controller for the council until they could find someone.

She has faithfully served the council since that time overseeing the accounting, human resources/benefits, and supervision of support staff (store managers, registrar and accounting clerk). In her role, she has served four Scout Executives and several Executive Boards. She also assisted in the merger of the Mission and Santa Lucia councils which resulted in the formation of our Los Padres Council.

A life-long Santa Barbara resident, Sue married her high school sweetheart Rich Ayling. Sue earned her undergraduate degree and MBA from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. For 20 years, she has been the glue that has kept the council offices running and she will be greatly missed.

Please join us in recognizing and celebrating Sue Ayling’s legacy of service to the Los Padres Council, Boy Scouts of America. Retirement party flier. If you would like to share a story or present a gift in honor of the occasion, please contact Judie Stowe, office manager at justowe@bsamail.org or 805-967-0105.

Harry'sThe Sue Ayling Retirement Party will be:

Saturday, February 25, 2012
4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Harry’s Plaza Cafe 3313 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA

Please RSVP to Judie Stowe (805) 967-0105 or justowe@bsamail.org

If you are unable to attend but would like to send a card or gift, please forward Ayling Retirement Party, c/o Los Padres Council, BSA, 4000 Modoc Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110.

Attention, Eagle Scouts: Be a Part of NESA History

The 100th anniversary Eagle Scout Award project is in full swing!

Since 1912, more than 2.1 million Scouts have reached this high achievement.

Call 1-800-729-3554 to be included in the anniversary album and to learn how to purchase this authentic patch for you or the Eagle Scout in your family.

To celebrate this milestone, the National Eagle Scout Association has partnered with Harris Connect to produce the 100 Years of Eagles—Where Are They Now album. This special anniversary publication is an all-new, follow-up book to our highly successful Tales From the Trails publication. It will include personal stories, photos, and Scouting experiences and accomplishments from all Eagles who participate.

Be on the lookout for our publishing partner, Harris Connect, to reach out to you. You will be contacted by e-mail, mail, or phone to verify and update your contact and career information, as well as supply your personal story and photo. You will also have the opportunity to reserve your copy of the book.

In addition, through this project only, we are offering a commemorative Eagle Scout Award patch exclusive to Eagle Scouts and commissioned by NESA. This is a limited-time offer to receive a beautifully embroidered patch that marks the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scout. For more information on this project, click here.

Quotation of Month

"The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there."

- Anonymous

Web Site of the Month

Boys' Life
http://boyslife.org/ - There are many new and fun additions to the Boys' Life web site. Go visit and have some fun!


Video of Month

Earn Date, Pamphlet Availability Announced for Welding Merit Badge

The wait is nearly over! Your Scouts can begin working on the BSA’s newest merit badge—Welding—on Feb. 24. And, the new merit badge pamphlets are on their way to Scout shops as we speak.

The merit badge, which was created through collaboration with the American Welding Society (AWS), the BSA Health and Safety Committee, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was added to the lineup after a BSA youth interest survey showed significant interest in the hands-on skill.

Plus, it meshes with our Prepared. For Life.™ theme by exposing Scouts to a valuable skill that can grow into a hobby or even a career.

Watch: The Making of the Welding Merit Badge

Wanted Welding Merit Badge Counselors

Welding Merit Badge Resources

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