July 2011



July 2011

A newsletter for all valued Scouters.

Volume 1, Issue 4


To Our Fellow Scouters:

We are excited about the direction that the Los Padres Council is headed – growing membership, increased direct service to units, expanded district and council level programs and improved communication to our Scout leaders and families. Our Council Vice President of Marketing, John Zuchelli is committed to sharing with you the most up to date Scouting news through our new and improved council Web site at www.lpcbsa.org and the “Los Padres Council News”.

While both forms of communication have improved vastly from their previous versions, we are always seeking input from our Scouting family on how we can better keep you informed. If you have any thoughts on the Web site please contact our Webmaster, Wayne Rascati at wrascati@cox.net. If you have any suggestions for articles or comments about the Los Padres Council News, please contact our Newsletter Editor, Rick Pushies at postmaster@lospadresbsa.org .

John Zuchelli, VP Marketing &
Rick Pushies, Newsletter Editor
Wayne Rascati, Webmaster

The Executive Board leadership has just begun to develop a strategic plan for the Los Padres Council’s next five years. Based upon the feedback from hundreds of Scouts and volunteers at the unit level, district and council levels, the council’s future direction will be determined using seven key focus areas.

  • Impact & Participation
  • Resources & Finances
  • Building Our Brand
  • Dynamic & Relevant Programs
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Youth Advocacy & Strategic Relationships
  • Leadership Excellence
Within the next few months, several surveys will be sent out to our Scouting family as well as the community requesting input on our current programs and suggestions on our future efforts. We hope you will take the time to participate and help us to determine the direction of the Los Padres Council.

Summer – Scouting’s premier camping season is here!

Don’t forget to pack the sun screen and bug spray!

Yours in Scouting,

Laurie Tamura
Council President
Rick TerBorch
Council Commissioner
Rebecca Fields
Scout Executive/CEO

In This Issue


Council Training


Journey to Excellence

The Journey to Excellence (JTE) is our collective journey to improve the quality of the Scouting our Scouts experience. To the extent we follow this journey and give our Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers the excellent Scouting program they deserve we will achieve a level of excellence that will make us all proud. This is simply a plan for success and all we need to do is work the plan to achieve success.

Journey To Excellence
Service Hours

Service hours web site

New user instructions

If you want to provide your Scouts an excellent Scouting experience, make the Journey to Excellence (JTE) part of your unit's annual plan:

  • Put JTE on you Cub Scout Committee agenda and make plans for Gold level of excellence for the pack and dens
  • Discuss the JTE with your Patrol Leader's Council then let your Boy Scouts plan the Journey to Excellence for their troop
  • Venturers should have a great time weaving JTE into the annual plan for their crew
  • Each district committee could also set a wonderful example for the whole council by achieving a level of excellence that allows for a glowing golden pride in each district
  • This is also a great topic for Roundtable Commissioners to put on the agenda

The Journey to Excellence web page is full of resources to help you find success on your journey.

Unit Tips for Success

What is the Journey to Excellence Service Project?

Planning a Service Project

Service Project Ideas

Public Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

Recording Service Hours

Ideas for Everyday Kindness and Good Turns

The Scout Surge 9/11 is a great service project idea that can be part of your unit's Journey to Success.


Gold loop


FOS ProgressFOS

FOS -how is your District doing?

  • Del Norte District -
    $33,707 - 63%
  • Camino Real District - $27,665 - 55%
  • Live Oak District -
    $28,382 - 41%
  • Cachuma District -
    $17,573 - 59%
  • South Coast District -
    $64,547 - 65%

Council as of June 10, 2011 - $184,850 - 42%

For more information, please contact Rebecca Fields at rfields@bsamail.org

Scout Surge 9/11

The Scout Surge 9/11 really does make a great service project for your Journey to Excellence goals. Bring Scouts and non-Scouts together to show respect for those involved with the events of September 11, 2001.

Bring Scouts and non-Scouts together to show respect for those involved with the events of September 11, 2001. Scouts are encouraged to serve in their communities September 1-10, 2011, using the suggested service projects and posting them to web and social media channels. In addition, these activities should be recorded in the Journey to Excellence service program. On September 11, Scouts are encouraged to gather as groups and invite non-Scout friends to watch the movie, New York Says Thank You, which tells the story of the first responders to the New York City terrorist attacks and which features Scouts from the Little Sioux tornado tragedy.

Both the Scout Surge 9/11 flier and the Facebook page have some very good ideas for Scouts to do as they participate to show their respect for those involved in the September 11, 2001 events.

Scout Surge 9/11 Facebook and Scout Surge 9/11 Flier

Voices of September 11 and BSA

    Scout Surge




Through our 100th Anniversary Celebration, we had a full year of reflecting on Scouting’s great heritage. We heard and shared countless stories of the impact Scouting has had on the lives of young people and, indeed, the very fabric of this great nation. As we move forward into our second century of leadership and service, we have an opportunity to help ensure that America’s youth are Prepared. For Life. and that Scouting continues to affect our nation in amazing ways.

To do this, we’re taking specific and intentional steps to be sure Scouting keeps pace with today’s society and to strengthen our role as a recognized advocate for young people—on several fronts. One I’m particularly proud of is our focus on the health and well-being of our youth.

More information is available at: Boy Scouts of America > BSA Fit


Pedro has joined Let's Move. America's Move to Raise
A Healthier Generation of Kids.

Ready to get physically strong?
Go with Pedro to the
Boys' Life Gym!

What is the President's Active Lifestyle Award?

BSA has recently aligned with the President’s Council for Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) and The First Lady’s Let’s Move Initiative with the shared goal of together promoting good health for America’s youth. Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) is PCFSN’s premier program and as stated previously recognizes those who participate in daily physical activity of any type for 5 days/week for 6 weeks. PALA is designed to motivate participants to be physically active on a regular basis by allowing them to participate in activities they enjoy. Earning a PALA is definitely doable by anyone at any fitness level.

  1. Earn the President’s Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) by participating in at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity of any type for 5 days/week for 6 weeks. You earn a "star" for each week completed and after successfully completing less than two months of an active lifestyle you will have earned your PALA!
  2. Use the PALA Online Activity Tracker to log your activity. You will need to set up an account at www.presidentschallenge.org .
  3. You may participate as an individual or along with the Los Padres Executive Board and staff through LPC Team BSA, group number 100597.
LPC Team
Walk the Walk - Team LPC BSA

It should also be noted what the BSA Adult Leadership Walk-The-Walk Activity Challenge is not; it is not a "Biggest Loser" type weight loss competition, or any type of competition at all. The Challenge stresses the benefits of activity for anyone at any fitness level.

How do I commit my participation? Who do I contact if I have any questions?
Are you ready to commit? Do you have any further questions? All you have to do is to contact your District Executive who will help you through the process!

Special Note: Los Padres Council Scout Executive Serving on the National BSA Adult Leader "Walk the Walk" Activity Challenge

The BSA National office selected 16 Scouting volunteers and professionals to follow their progress on the President’s Challenge. Our Scout Executive, Rebecca Fields is one of the individuals chosen to serve on this national team. You can follow her progress at www.scouting.org/BSAFit/WalkTheWalk.

Jim Horner & Steve von Dohlen
Jim Horner and Steve von Dohlen
at the 2011 National Meeting.
Jim Horner was Scoutmaster for
one of Santa Clara County Council's 1985 National Jamboree troops
and Steve von Dohlen was his
Senior Patrol Leader.

BSA President, Rex Tillerson and
Chief Scout Executive, Bob Mazzuca listening intently during their meeting with 50 Scoutmasters at the 2011 National Meeting in San Diego.


Prepared for. Life2011 National Annual Meeting

The 2011 National Annual Meeting was held on May 26-27 in beautiful San Diego. More than 2000 volunteers and employees came together to learn more about what is currently happening in the Boy Scouts of America. After the annual business meeting presentations began that highlighted our new BSA brand identity "Prepared for. Life." and much more. New initiatives like STEM (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), NOVA award program, the BSA health initiative "Walk the Walk" and Scouting's Journey to Excellence were also presented. There to take part in the meeting were the Los Padres Council's Key 3 leaders: President, Laurie Tamura; Council Commissioner, Rick TerBorch; Scout Executive, Rebecca Fields along with Justin Jepsen, J Johnson and Steve von Dohlen.

Steve von Dohlen was at the National Meeting to represent all the Scoutmasters of Area 4 of the Western Region, which includes ten other local councils. It was a big honor for Steve to be selected to represent all the Scoutmasters in Area 4. To give you an idea of why he was selected, here is a little bit of his Scouting background. Steve is Scoutmaster of Troop 60 based in Paso Robles and is Wood Badge trained. Steve also serves as the Chairman of the Del Norte District and as such is a member of the Los Padres Council Executive Board. As a Boy Scout Steve earned the Arrow of Light, Eagle Scout rank, attended two National Jamborees and attended the 15th World Jamboree in Calgary, Canada. Steve is also helping to staff the 2011 National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) for the Los Padres Council.

When talking about his experience at the 2011 National Meeting Steve said, "One of the best parts of the event was to see many old Scouting friends . . ." Among the old Scouting friends Steve met up with at the meeting was Jim Horner of Modesto, CA. Jim Horner was Scoutmaster for one of Santa Clara County Council's 1985 National Jamboree troops and Steve von Dohlen was his Senior Patrol Leader. When Steve von Dohlen was presented the Silver Beaver Award this year at the Los Padres Council dinner, Jim Horner came to witness the event and help honor this proud achievement..

At the National meeting Steve learned about important aspects of the Journey to Excellence program. Later the 50 Scoutmasters shared their insight into the impact various programs and resources are having on Scouting at the troop level. They talked in focus groups about leadership training programs, summer camp programs, recruiting & retention tools and just about every other aspect of providing Boy Scouts with a quality Scouting experience.

In addition Steve said, "It came as no great surprise that an active outdoor program for Scouts of all ages, a great relationship with Cub Scouts and new Scouts, and an involved and supportive group of adults were consistent elements on which everyone agreed. And it was great to see that many of these great things are happening here in the Los Padres Council are elements of the same successes being experienced throughout the country."

The Scoutmasters concluded the meeting with an intimate chat with the National President of the BSA, Rex Tillerson and Chief Scout Executive, Bob Mazzuca. About this meeting Steve said, ". . .it will be interesting to see how our suggestions might become integrated into future programs. We really had a great conversation about the direction of Scouting, and the future is bright!"    

We are excited about the direction that the Boy Scouts of America and the Los Padres Council is headed. It is because of good volunteers like you and Steve von Dohlen that the future of Scouting really is very bright.

Thank you for all you do to support Scouting!

50 Scoutmasters
Can you spot Steve von Dohlen in this picture of 50 Scoutmasters?

Risk Management

Risk Zone

Summer 2011 - Risk Management Newsletter

Topics Include:

  • Advisory Panel Awards $25,000 for Projects, 2011 Grant Recipients
    The Los Padres Council received a $1,000 grant to help support our Wilderness First Aid course being conducted in October.
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Showcases Bike Safety
  • Protect Your Property (and Trailer!)
  • Lightning Safety: “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!”
  • 2011 Guide to Safe Scouting Now Available
  • Risk Management Course This Summer at Philmont
  • NHTSA Reissues 15-Passenger Van Safety Caution
Risk Management Newsletter- Summer 2011










Cooking Without Utensils

Cooking without utensils, Scouts just eat it up!

Cooking without utensils is a long-time Scouting tradition. Its novelty brings a great deal of fun and true adventure to cooking. It can teach a great deal about heat management, meal planning, and nutrition. It can be much more than a marshmallow or hotdog on a stick – and it should be.

Where can you learn how to cook without utensils? Get your experienced Scouts and/or Scouters to put on the BSA's supplemental training course Cooking Without Utensils. Jump into the outdoor demonstration of how to cook without utensils and give it a try. Some things you just have to do first person in the flesh to really learn the skill. This is not a something you learn while sitting at a computer.

Try doing a campout focused on Cooking Without Utensils. You will have to do some searching for a place you can actually build an open ground fire and keep things safe. When Order of the Arrow members do a demonstration on cooking without utensils at Webelos Woods it will be a very big Cub Scout pleaser. (Just be very careful safety stays first priority.) A metal trash can lid and some aluminum foil come in hand for preparing your ground fire. A demonstration on Cooking Without Utensils also makes a great crowd pleaser at public events and all day Scouting events. Here are the basics for the Cooking Without Utensils supplemental training by BSA.

Time required –

One hour class-time and + two hours food and fire preparation time. Demonstration should be just before a meal time. After the class, the group can then prepare their own meal using techniques learned.

Target Audience –

1-25 scouts, venturing crew members, and/or adults

Learning objectives –

At the end of the session, learners will:

  • Have fun and eat a meal that they have prepared without utensils
  • Become aware of good cooking-fire requirements
  • Recognize that good meals can be prepared without utensils
  • Become aware that leaves, rocks, clay, sticks, and stones can become effective cooking tools
  • Learn that these ideas can increase enthusiasm for cooking
  • Be able to plan a meal cooked without utensils

Training Format --

Outdoor demonstration and practice

Throw in a presentation on cooking bacon in a paper bag and boiling an egg in a paper cup and you have a captivating and memorable event.
Your Scouts will eat it all up!

Look into other Supplemental Training Modules available on the BSA National web site.
Home > Training > Adult > Supplemental Training > Cooking Without Utensils

You will also find some good ideas on Special Cooking in
Volume III of the Troop Program Features No. 33112.




Catholic Scout Retreat XX - 2011

The six Boy Scout Councils and the Girl Scout Councils in the Los Angeles Archdiocese (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties) sponsor this annual retreat for Scouts of all ages at Sylmar's Veterans Memorial Park over the first weekend of October (Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2011).

  • Raphael Group - consists of Cub Scouts
  • Gabriel Group - consists of Boy Scouts (to age 14)
  • Michael Group - consists of Venturers and Boy Scouts 14 or older.
  • Guardian Angels - Scouters.

Patron Saint for this 20th annual retreat is Blessed Junipero Serra. Our theme will be Mission.

Cub Scouts generally come for Saturday only. Older youth for the whole weekend. Many troops find this an excellent campout for boys to meet cooking and overnight camping requirements for rank advancement, but the main focus is the spiritual enrichment of the Scout. Scouts explore the theme and find how the Holy Spirit is working in their life to foster this virtue. During the day, Scouts will learn about the Rosary and Benediction, attend daily Mass on Saturday, and Sunday Mass immediately before departure. There are age appropriate activities such as leather craft and rock climbing for recreation. Of course, no Scout outing would be fun without a campfire.

For more information, check out the web site at ccsala.org/retreat.html or contact Deacon Wayne Rascati at wrascati@cox.net.

Activity Location: Map: Sylmar Veterans Memorial Park, Sylmar, CA, US

Boys' Life

Boys' Life Way Back Machine



Understanding Boy Culture,
as Discussed by Marsha Williams

Are boys and girls "wired" differently? Perhaps so, says Marsha Williams, president of Harvest Research Group and former senior vice president with Nickelodeon and MTV Networks Kids & Family Division. In this six-minute video, Williams discusses the culture and goals of boys with a group of BSA leaders at the National Youth Forum held last year in Dallas.

If you are interested in viewing all of the speakers, you can also view each speaker’s highlights at the

National Youth Forum site.

From scout-wire.org - May 23, 2011


Indian Summer




Welcome to Indian Summer!

Welcome to the Indian Summer Web Site! Get ready to move your feet, catch your rhythm, and awake your principal at Indian Summer 2011. Check out the exciting opportunities for you and your Lodge!

The event site now includes the 2011 Lodge Reservation/Information Packet, similar to the NOAC Contingent Leader Guide, which provides a great deal of information for council contingent leaders. Please click here.

Indian Summer 2011 will be held at the Ridgecrest Conference Center, Asheville, N.C. the week of August 1 – 6, 2011. As more information is released regarding this event this site will be updated, please check back frequently!



James Lovell

Apollo 13

Quotation of Month

Jim Lovell, U.S. astronaut and Distinguished Eagle Scout

"I think of my earlier career as a Boy Scout, and going camping and learning a little bit of self-confidence in what you could do—and sometimes getting lost, and the usual things boys do. All of these things helped build the character in myself that allowed me to handle a crisis—and that's exactly what Apollo 13 was."


Web Site of the Month

Boys' Life - Your Photos and Videos

All American Scout
AJ Lockwood representing Pack #3518 of Hamilton, Indiana in the 2011 Memorial Day Parade. Submitted 01June2011

Your Photos & Video page at Boys' Life.

Pack 637 from Arlington, VA at closing campfire of Cubworld 2009, August 9th, 2009 13Aug2009

This is a very cute skit, with no talking parts
and some spitting water! Just right for Cub Scouts!


Video of Month

Boys' Life Video & Audio

Iowa Scouts make Dutch ovens
By Lore Postman
Photographs by John R. Fulton Jr.
From the April 2011 issue of Boys' Life magazine

It’s easy to cook up a killer cobbler in a Dutch oven, but these guys actually cooked up the oven, too.

Fifty Boy Scouts, divided into three groups, from the Winnebago Council of Northeast and North Central Iowa actually forged their own Dutch ovens from molten metal many degrees hotter than lava.


Watch the Scouts as they make their Dutch ovens at the University of Northern Iowa Metal Casting Center. Then, check out more about their activity and the Metalwork merit badge in the April 2011 issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

VIDEO & AUDIO from Boys' Life


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