March 2011

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Tour Planning Worksheet - is now IN!
Tour Permits - are now OUT!

Effective March 1, 2011, the Local and National tour permits are replaced by what is called the Tour Planning Worksheet and Tour Plan.

The online Tour Permit system is now suspended and the new Tour Planning Worksheet and Tour Plan takes its place.


Here is the definition of the tour plan from the Language of Scouting Web page:

"tour plan Units complete this form when planning for local, national, or international adventure. The plan helps ensure the unit is properly prepared, that qualified and trained leadership is in place, and that the right equipment is available for the adventure."

Proper advanced tour planning helps keep our Scouts safer.

The Tour Plan Worksheet is available at this link: OrgHeaders/images/Tour_Planning_Sheet.jpg

Tour Planning WorksheetUnits will complete this form when planning for local, national, or international adventure. The plan helps ensure
the unit is properly prepared, that qualified and trained leadership is in place, and that the right resources are
available for the adventure.

This change means one-stop shopping for your Tour Plans, it is streamlined as it is all at the Council level,
there is less paperwork, as the form is a fillable pdf that is available on line, and there are fewer activities
that require the new tour plan.

  1. The local Council is the reviewer of all Tour Plans.
  2. The Tour Plan consists of a Tour Planning Worksheet to be completed by the unit/contingent. It is retained by the Council and a Tour Plan is returned to the unit after processing.
  3. It is on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper!
  4. There is a full 21-calendar day before departure date advance notice required for units to submit the Plan for the Council’s review.
  5. A single point of contact (not on the tour) is required for the council’s use. (This can be very helpful and necessary if there is an emergency and we need to get in contact with your unit, the local contact will give us that ability)
  6. Defined reasons/times when a tour plan must be submitted for council review:
    • Trips of 500 miles or more
    • Trips outside of council borders not to a council owned property
    • Trips to any National high adventure base, national Scout Jamboree, National Order of the Arrow Conference, or regionally sponsored event
    • When conducting the following activities outside of council or district events
    • Aquatic activities (swimming, boating, floating, scuba, etc.)
    • Climbing and rappelling (including going to a commercial climbing establishment)
    • Orientation flights (a flying plan is required)
    • Shooting sports (applies only to Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Teams, and Venturing Crews) including going to a commercial/public firing range. Cub Packs are not permitted to conduct shooting or archery programs on their own
    • Any activities involving motorized vehicles as part of the program (snowmobiles, boating, etc.)
    • At a council’s request

The Los Padres Council has added the following requirements:

    • For Scout Troops/Varsity Teams/Venture Crews, any outing that is more than two nights, including backpacking, camping, treks, etc. whether the activity is in our council territory or not.
    • For Cub Packs, ANY overnight activity including Den outings, Pack camping, etc., whether or not the activity is in our council territory or not.

Please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the new Tour Plan process by printing out the Tour Planning Worksheet (see web address listed above to access the form). There are several changes to the Worksheet (from the old Tour Permit), and looking at it ahead of time will help you understand the requirements and how to fill out the form properly.

Please note that there are two SIGNATURES required on the Worksheet (bottom of page 1), that of the Committee Chair or Chartered Organization Representative, and the adult leader in charge of the tour.

To make it easier for our units, you may submit a list of drivers with the information requested at the bottom of page 2 of the worksheet, and circle the names of the drivers for the event or activity. Remember that the name and contact information for a single point of contact (someone not on the tour) is now required to be submitted with every tour planning worksheet.

Your unit may submit your completed Tour Planning Worksheet to the Council in one of 4 ways:

  1. Via fax to (805) 686-5175
  2. By making a pdf of the completed document and e-mailing to,
  3. By taking to any of the Los Padres Council service centers.
  4. By mailing it to Council Program Office at Rancho Alegre, 2680 Highway 154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Attn: Ron Walsh

Please allow several days for a return answer, as we will need the time to adequately review your Tour Planning Worksheet. HINT:Once you have completed the fillable pdf, be sure to get the required two signatures and then make a pdf of the entire form to be submitted via e-mail.

Once the Council has received your Tour Planning Worksheet, it will be reviewed, and if everything is filled out properly and all training verified, it will be returned to you, along with a Tour Plan numbered and stamped by the council as being reviewed.

If, however, the worksheet is not complete, or the training required is not completed, the Tour Planning Worksheet will be returned as “defective” and notes as to why it was defective and what is needed to complete the review. You can then make the required changes and re-submit the Worksheet for a second review. The 21-day advance submission requirement will allow us the time to review you Worksheet more than once and still complete the review in time for your planned activity.

We know that this is a new process for all of us, and we will work diligently to make the transition as smooth as possible. We would ask your cooperation in getting these worksheets in 21 days ahead of your planned activity so that we can give the proper review and assistance to you as you plan for a safe outing for your Scouts. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Council’s Risk Manager, Ron Walsh, at 686-5167

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