August 2012


August 2012 A newsletter for all valued Scouters. Volume 2, Issue 8

Be Prepared
September is National Preparedness Month!
This is a good time to "Be Prepared" for emergencies

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is pleased to partner with the Boy Scouts of America to increase the level of citizen preparedness across the country. DHS has asked the Boy Scouts of America to build upon the foundation of the Ready Campaign and to help citizens across the country prepare for emergencies of all kinds.

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Prepared for Life

How can you help your family, Scout unit and community "Be Prepared" for an emergency?

Emergency preparedness is common throughout our country — Americans and especially Californians take care of each other. Preparedness includes being able to take care of yourself, your family and to help your local community return to normal life after a disaster occurs.

Other parts of our country are more likely to experience emergencies from natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, blizzards, and earthquakes. Although California may also experience some of these same natural disasters, California is rather well known for our earthquakes. Therefore being prepared to deal with an earthquake would seem a prudent and smart thing to do.

For this article George Brown, Chairman of the Risk Management / Health / Safety Committee of the Los Padres Council has helped pull together some great resources on earthquake preparedness from the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas and the State of California. Take a look at the information, you might find some good ideas to help you, your family and your Scouts "Be Prepared."

Drop, Cover and Hold On
This short film explains it in straight forward language what to do during an earthquake to maximize your chances of survival. Drop, cover, hold on! It's that simple. Now it's time to practice.

How would you survive for 72 hours?

Quake Quiz
Take the Quake Quiz!

In a major disaster, it might be at least three days until vital services are restored. This brochure produced by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management provides information, ideas and resources to help you prepare your home, workplace and community for this critical 72 hour period. resource document

The Great California Shake Out

Shake Out

You are invited to join millions of people who will Drop, Cover, and Hold On on October 18th at 10:18 a.m.* in the 2012 Great California ShakeOut!

More than 12.5 million people were registered to participate in ShakeOut drills worldwide in 2011. Participating is a great way for your family or organization to become better prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes.

Start here to be included in the 2012 ShakeOut!
* You can hold your drill at any time within 2 weeks of October 18th.

Additional Resources on Emergency Preparedness:

“Spurs & Spice”

Spurs & Spice
Spurs & Spice flier

Agin Brothers
Agin Brothers Country Band

Join us for the Second Annual “Spurs & Spice” Gourmet Tailgate Party to support the Boy Scouts of America!  From delicious food to great music to fun and hilarious cowboy games, you are guaranteed a good time! 

  • Dust off your cowboy hat! Shine your boots!  And, come on out to the La Purisima Mission on Saturday, September 8 from 5:00 till 8:00 p.m. 
  • Live country music from the Agin Brothers playing great country hits to kick your boots to!
  • Cheer on the steer for a rousing game for “Cow Pie Bingo”!
  • Do you feel lucky?  Bid on one of a kind silent and live auction packages!
  • Feast on fine gourmet tailgate food from hearty chili to mouth watering jalapeno poppers to finger licking chicken wings!

We hope that you can join us by participating in the “Spurs & Spice” benefit. Please see the attached event flyer for more information.  Hope to see you there.

Steve Jordan, Chair Spurs & Spice

BSA Talent
Welcome to the BSA's Got Talent Video Contest!

Do you have the talent to go big and get wild?
Here's your chance to get up on the stage and prove it!

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)Basic Leader Training

Start: Saturday, August 18 at 8 a.m.
End: Sunday, August 19 at 5 p.m.
Location: Rancho Alegre
Cost: only $45

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) training is a hands-on program that gives adults practical outdoor skills they need to lead Scouts in the out-of-doors. Imagine having hands-on knowledge setting up a campsite, pitching a tent, hiking, outdoor cooking - all the skills necessary to see the outdoor program come to life.

IOLS will help you learn how to bring all these items to life so that you can deliver the promise of Scouting to every Scout you serve. It will increase your comfort level and give you confidence as a trained, skilled leader. The program will give you the opportunity to work with other adult Scouters from your area, meet new friends, and reinforce skill techniques.

Basic Leader TrainingThe Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills is one of the courses necessary for the following groups of leaders to complete their basic training requirements.

  • Scoutmasters
  • assistant Scoutmasters
  • Varsity Scout leaders
  • Venturing leaders (Registered in a crew with an outdoor emphasis.)

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) documents:

For more information contact Joe Bauer at

Shoot-O-Rama 20122012 Shoot-O-Rama

Dates: August 17 to 19
Location: San Luis Obispo Sportsman's Association, 3270 Gilardi Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA
Fee: $15.00 per Youth or $15.00 per Adult

Youth Activities:

Scouts - all you can shoot for only $15!

Spurs & Spice
BSA National
Shooting Sports
Manual #30931PDF

Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers and adult Scouters are invited to come to the San Luis Obispo Sportsman's Association’s Hogue Action Pistol Range for a weekend of shooting!

Youth will be able to shoot .22 caliber rifles, shotguns, field archery, and even black powder!

Scouts and leaders wishing to camp at the range should provide their own camping equipment and food. Shooting venues will be open all day Saturday for youth while adults will be in training.

Hamburgers will be provided for lunch on Saturday so everyone can have time to watch the lunch time show of expert shooters and shooting professionals as they show off their skills in competitive pistol shooting, cowboy action shooting, and more!

Required Forms: All three of these forms are required for each youth participant.

Range Safety OfficerNRA Range Safety Officer
Scoutmasters and other adult leaders can take classes towards becoming an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer! That means that you'll be able to go on shooting sports activities with your Troop at the SLO Sportsman's range! There NRA book fee is $20 and other NRA fees are covered in the NRA Trainer's Guide.

Each unit must have two adults in addition to the adults attending the Range Safety Officer (RSO) class. RSO class maximum registration is 50.

For more information contact Camino Real District, Program Chair, Nick Hellewell – 805-242-2511

Catch the Vision

Wood BadgeWood Badge for the 21st Century is an advanced leadership training course designed for all adult Scouters:

  • Cub Scout Leaders
  • Boy Scout Leaders
  • Varsity Leaders
  • Venturing Leaders
  • Council / District Leaders
  • Scouting Professionals

The course incorporates the traditions of over 90 years of Wood Badge, while adding the management and leadership training necessary to be successful as a leader in the 21st century.

Sept 27-29 at Rancho Alegre and Oct. 18-20 at Camp Three Falls
(Thursday thru Saturday) Attendance at both weekends (all six days) is required.

The Los Padres and Ventura County Councils have assembled a great staff of experienced Scouters who are dedicated to making this a "Mountain Top Experience" and a lot of FUN for all of us! Wood Badge - where you can "Catch the Vision" of success!

We are already receiving reservations and expect to be sold out, so don't be disappointed, send your reservation today. For more information about the course or Wood Badge checkout our website and see photos of past courses at We look forward to meeting you at the course in September.

Early Bird DiscountCourse Fee: $240 with Early Bird Discount (fee increases to $270 if paid less than 30 days prior to the course). Course fee includes all training materials, meals, course cap and T-shirt.

For additional course information, contact: Larry Basham, Course Director at 805-967-8995

Jointly sponsored by Los Padres Council and Ventura County Council, BSA

Welcome New District Executive Jillian Shumate

Spurs & Spice
Jillian Shumate, D. E.

The Los Padres Council is proud to announce the appointment of Jillian Shumate to District Executive for San Luis Obispo County serving the Camino Real and Del Norte districts.  She comes from an over three generation Scouting family in Bakersfield. As she put it, she was always the little girl against the wall watching the boys have all the fun.

Jillian said, “Scouting hit me like a ton of bricks and now I’m hooked! The quest for education and commitment from the boys is amazing!”

She has been married to her childhood sweetheart Josh for over 15 years and has two daughters, Marlee Rae (7) and Bella Rose (4). Jillian received her B.S. from Cal Poly in Recreation Parks and Tourism. Her hobbies include card games with her kids, rock climbing, running, camping and attending community events.

Jillian’s goal for the Scouting program in San Luis Obispo County is to make it grow, Grow, GROW!

popcornPopcorn Fundraiser 2012

popcornLearn the Key to Having the Most Successful Unit Fundraiser Ever!!

Attend One of the Popcorn Kickoffs Near You

  • Monday, August 6 - Santa Barbara: Pacifica Suites at 6:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, August 7 - San Luis Obispo: LDS Church at 6:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, August 14 - Santa Maria: LDS Church on Sierra Madre at 6:30 p.m.

Discover Popcorn Sales Campaign tools to help your unit plan their ideal year of Scouting.  Attend one of the three Popcorn Kick Off events to discover all of the resources available to ensure that your unit meets their fundraising goal.

Explore how your unit can check out popcorn and plan “Show & Sell” days in front of your local area businesses.  Coordinate how your boys can combine both “Take Orders” in their neighborhoods and e-mail relatives out of state to place online orders.  You will learn how to combine various sales methods to accommodate each Scout and make your financial goal.

Each attendee will receive a sales kit complete with everything you will need to have the best unit fundraiser EVER!

70%Online Popcorn Resources

New Videos Added!

For more information contact Popcorn Advisor, Justin Jepsen at (805) 967-0105.

Cub Scout Lesson PlanNew Cub Scout Lesson Plans

Help deliver the promise with the new Alternative Cub Scout Lesson Plans Manual: Year B.

This follow-up manual to Year A consists of the traditional Cub Scout program and can be delivered by volunteers and program managers. The easy-to-use guide is suited for mixed-age packs/dens and guarantees rank advancement for each Cub Scout.

Lesson Plan Documents:

New Eagle ScoutsMerit Beyond the Badge

Our New Eagle Scouts!
First Name Last Name Unit # City BOR* Date District
Brandon Saletta Troop 0214 Los Osos 03/24/12 Camino Real
Ian Howell Troop 0450 Nipomo 06/07/12 Camino Real
Orion Hayes Troop 0126 Goleta 06/14/12 South Coast
Aaron Dalton Troop 0026 Santa Barbara 06/21/12 South Coast
Liam Freniere Troop 0001 Santa Barbara 06/21/12 South Coast




*BOR = Board of Review

Training Team Tip

Guide to Leadership Training
Guide to Leader Training #511-02PDF

Update on Training Awards for Adult Unit Leaders

In 2011, the National Council’s Awards Committee conducted a review of the hundreds of awards presented to Scouts and adults in the BSA. Many recommendations were made to update procedures and the awards themselves.

Among the recommendations was the update of the unit leader training awards requirements and a review of the Cub Scout leader recognition awards. These recommendations have been reviewed by the national volunteer training committee and a task force of unit-level leaders. Some awards have been eliminated and all of the requirements for the remaining awards have been updated.

The forms and requirements have been simplified. The committees do not believe that means easier. They are along the same lines and “degree of difficulty” as the previous requirements, but will be less complicated and consistent across the awards and the phases of the Scouting program.

The training awards and keys are designed to recognize unit Scouters for tenure, basic and continuing training, and successful performance in their leadership role.

The changes and other considerations:

  • The Cubmaster Award has been discontinued. Cubmasters may now earn the Scouter’s Key Award and may wear the Scouter’s Key knot with a Cub Scouting device.
  • The Cub Scouter and Pack Trainer Awards have been discontinued. Cub Scout pack leaders may earn the Scouter’s Training Award and may wear the Scouter’s Training Award knot with a Cub Scouting device.
  • The Tiger Cub and Webelos Den Leader’s Awards have been discontinued. All den leaders may earn a new Den Leader’s Training Award medal that is being created, and may wear the Den Leader’s Training Award knot (identical to the previous Cub Scout Den Leader Award knot) with the appropriate device. A Tiger Cub den leader device is also being developed.

Scouters who have earned the old awards will still be able to wear the old awards and knots.

Scouters who have begun to work on the Cub Scout Leader Recognition Awards will still be able to earn them as long as they are completed by the following dates:

  • Tiger Cub Den Leader Award – December 31, 2012
  • Webelos Den Leader Award – December 31, 2012
  • Cubmaster Award – December 31, 2013
  • Pack Trainer Award – December 31, 2013
  • Cub Scouter Award – December 31, 2013

Cub Scouters who have not started to work on an award may only earn the new awards and must use the new requirements.

Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing awards, knots, and devices have not been changed. Only the requirements have been updated. Leaders who have started to earn these awards may use either set of requirements, but Scouters who have not started to work on an award may only use the new requirements.

Progress Records - Training Awards

Progress Records with the new 2012 requirements for adult unit leaders can be found at the links below.

Quotation of Month

"EXCUSES are the nails used to build a house of failure."

— Don Wilder

Web Site of the Month

Stars for Our Troops

Stars for Our Troops
web site

What is Stars for our Troops?

The Stars for our Troops program takes your old unserviceable American Flags and turns them into a prized possession for active duty American military personnel and veterans alike. Volunteers lovingly cut out each embroidered star from your donated unserviceable flags then properly retire the remains of each flag. A single star attached to a small card is placed into a tiny plas, tic bag that is then given to our troops.

Star,, s for Our Troops w, eb site


More of the Story
By 2008 Florida resident Linda Kidwell had been sending boxes of supplies to active duty military in forward operating bases for several years. One evening at the local American Legion Post Linda started up a conversation with a young soldier. During the conversation he showed her a small plastic bag that contained a card that read:

I am a part of our American Flag

I have flown over a home in the USA.
I can no longer fly.  The sun and winds have
caused me to become tattered and torn.
Please carry me as a reminder that
YOU are not forgotten.

Attached to the other side of the card was one single star that had been cut out of the field of blue of an unserviceable American flag.

Flag StarWhile walking down the street one day a woman gave this star to the young veteran. This simple gift of a star from an American flag had a big impact on the young veteran. He had been searching for over a year trying to find her so he could tell her, thank you. 

Linda was unable to help him find the woman. Instead she took up the cause. Tiny plastic bags, much like the one pictured to the right, were now placed in each box of supplies she sent out to our troops.

A New York resident, Susan Wells was in Florida on vacation in 2009 when she heard about the idea of sending our troops embroidered stars form unserviceable flags. Susan formed the organization "Stars for Our Troops" in her hometown. The idea of sending stars to our troops now began to gain national momentum.

In 2011 David Kudija, assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 60 in Paso Robles learned about the Stars For Our Troops project from Susan Wells. To aid Susan David, removed the cantons from 78 American flags and sent them to her. The flags had been in storage awaiting proper retirement by Troop 60. The stars from these 78 flags were quickly on their way to our troops.

Soon a Stars for Our Troops project was begun in Paso Robles. The strong positive responses received when stars were given to our troops motivated others to support the project. David set a personal goal to distribute the stars from 1,000 American flags to our troops. This goal resulted in stars being provided to over 50,000 of our troops. His 1,000 flag goal has now been completed and exceeded.

A single star extracted from an unserviceable American flag and presented to a member of our military or a veteran is a very symbolic and powerful way to remind our troops they have not been forgotten. What a great project for patriotic Scouts to support.

David Kudija is now hoping to get other Scouting units involved in the Stars for Our Troops project. If you would like to help, please contact David Kudija at:

Video of Month

2012 National Annual Meeting: In this session, Strategic Plan 4-1-1 Chairman Russ Hunsaker provides an update to the multi-year goal aimed at examining the BSA's program offerings.

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