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2017 Summer Camp at Rancho Alegre

July 9 (Sunday 1 PM) to July 15 (Saturday 10:30 AM)

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2011 - 2013 Week 1 - 2013 Week 2.
Imagine yourself as part of the fun in 2017!

Theme: Wild, Wild West! Chuckwagon Dinner, Special Guests and Activities.

What's new in 2017? We offer a broad assortment of Eagle Required Merit Badges as part of our program. Our new Climbing Wall is ready to serve you this year! Our COPE course (now in its sixth year of operation) continues to be a big hit, and it will become even bigger as new elements are added each year. Again, the biggest disappointment may be in the boating area as much of Southern California is going through this drought.

Although we had more rain this year than the recent past, the rain came earlier and evaporated without late season rains.  Consequently, we are unable to offer the Canoeing, Rowing, and Kayaking Merit Badges. 

Trail to First Class? This program is for the brand new Scout to get them to First Class rank as quickly as possible. Each period allows Scout to work on individual rankj requirements:  Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. There is also one period in which cross rank requirements are covered such as First Aid, Aquatics, Physical Fitness, and Nature requirements. On Friday Scouts can go on a hike that fulfills hiking/orientation requirement. In individual rank sessions Scouts will work on the meaning and traditions of Scouting, flag ceremonies, knot tying and lashings, physical fitness, cooking and camping essentials, and orienteering.

What about Star, Life and Eagle Advancement? Rancho Alegre offers many of the Eagle Required Merit Badges (plus a full array of merit badges in shooting sports (Archery, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting); Aquatics (Swimming, Lifesaving; Learn to Swim); Scoutcraft (Wilderness Survival, Camping; Cooking, Pioneering, Orienteering, Indian Lore); Nature (including Astronomy, Soil & Water Conservation, Space Exploration, and Weather); and handicrafts. Many of these merit badges can be earned entirely at camp. Others may require some advance prep work to gain a camp completion. Check out the Scoutmaster's Guide to learn what requirements are prerequisites.

Adult Activities will include a weekly IOLS session as well as daily programs to help Scouters maintain current qualification on Youth Protection, Weather Safety, etc.

Other Awards? We will work with Scouts to earn their Firem'n Chit; Tote 'n Chip; World Conservation Award; Paul Bunyan Award; and Mile Swim.Hawaiian Hula Dancers

Is there fun stuff to do? Of course! We have our Climbing Wall and COPE Course and each morning our counselors conduct the Early Morning Risers program for those that need calisthenics and running for school sports activities and general health.  During the week each night has a special program such as campfires, movie night, Scouts' Own Service; Water Carnival; and Order of the Arrow Rededication and Ice Cream Social. One night we will have the traditional Rancho Alegre Chuck Wagon Feast and games at Larsen Meadow.

Cost: A week at Rancho Alegre costs $385 for in-Council attendees that makes it among the lowest priced camp in California. Fees are $25 additional for Provisional Scouters and units from other Councils. Our price may be low, but our food is great and our staff is the friendliest you will find.  There is a special Day Camper Rate of $355.

Fees for adult leaders are $230 each; however Rancho Alegre will make adjustments for units which bring 5 or more scouts based upon the formula in the Leaders' Guide.

Several programs have a special charge which is due and payable at the first session: Archery, Climbing, Rifle Shooting, and Shotgun Shooting. Other programs may require the participant to purchase special kits in the Trading Post (unless brought from home) Indian Lore, Pioneering, Art, Basketry, Leatherwork, and Woodcarving. Be sure to read the Scoutmaster's Guide for expected expenses.

Registration and site selection is on line through our Council website at www.lpcbsa.org.  Our Registrar will work with a unit leader to learn the program and record each Scout and adult attending. Prior to the session the Scout leader will be able to go online and register for an available campsite, register and pay for each Scout, and pick the programs each Scout will participate. At the end of the session, the Scout leader will be able to return to the website and download completed or partial rank requirement blue cards for each registered Scout. More information on this change will be coming to those unit leaders and parents who send an intent form to the camp. With this change it does mean that each Scout must register for a class and once the maximum enrollment is reached, the class will be closed (a wait list will be established). So the later you register, the less likely your preferred program will be available. Because of BSA Youth Protection standards we must require that all classes and sessions have at least three registered participants.

To comply with recent laws regarding gun control and handling in the State of California, the BSA is now requiring that the following form be completed prior to each camp.  Identifying wrist bands will be given to only those Scouts having the requisite form properly completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian.  Four copies of the form are required for each participant.  Please download and complete this form for Summer Camp.  BSA Firearms Form.

Rancho Alegre is a fully accredited camp of the Boy Scouts of America as determined by the annual review of program and facilities conducted each year. Most recent accreditation given on July 12, 2016, for Boy Scout Camp and July 18, 2016, for Cub Scout and Family Resident Camp. The Council submitted a program for Continuous Improvement of the camp and its facilities in the Spring of 2016. People and organizations interested in contributing to the improvement of the camp can check out the web page for the Rancho Alegre Capital Campaign.




You bring the Scouts, We’ll Bring the Fun and Adventure!

Rancho Alegre…..you’ll be back!

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Carlos Cortez

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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Carlos Cortez

Privacy Policy    Technical Support.
Copyright © 1998-2016. All rights reserved.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Carlos Cortez

Privacy Policy    Technical Support.
Copyright © 1998-2016. All rights reserved.