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Social Media Considerations

Your Unit, your Scouts, and Social Media



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Your Unit, your Scouts, and social media

In today’s world of electronic and social media we know that many of our Scouts have their own web-pages, Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as other social media outlets that they are on regularly. We also realize that many of our Scouting Units have links to Facebook pages (or other forms of social media) for their own unit.

With all of this electronic media at their disposal, how do we keep our Scouts safe from the problems we hear about daily on TV, the radio, and in newspapers?

One way is to monitor what is going on with your own children who are in Scouting, as well as the members of your Unit, and your own Unit’s site (if you have one).

Please click on this link for the BSA’s suggestions on how to protect our members and units from unwanted communications. This site also contains some great suggestions on how you might use social media to help young people connect with Scouting.