Year 2013, No. 16 --  September 4, 2013


Effective January 1, 2014, youth and adult registration fees will increase to $24 per year. This includes units with a December 31, 2013 expiration date.

The last BSA registration fee increase was made in 2010. Since that time, administration costs have continued to rise faster than projected; particularly in the areas of technology updates and insurance costs.

Youth and adult registration fees go directly to the National Council to provide materials and support for all 280 Boy Scout councils. What specifically does this fee cover?

  • Provide basic liability insurance for registered adult members, local councils, and chartered organizations. The Los Padres Council purchases additional insurance through donations made to the Friends of Scouting campaign.
  • Provide technological platforms for the Scouting movement. See highlights below on the new MyScouting Tools.
  • Provide local councils with programs and tools to operate camps and service centers.
  • Coordinate a communications network through magazines and literature (handbooks, merit badge pamphlets, brochures, and training materials)
  • Make available official BSA uniforms, equipment and program supplies.
  • Develop and maintain year-round national high adventure bases and execute national events (jamborees, National Eagle Scout Association and Order of the Arrow conferences, and National meetings.)
  • Maintain communications and relationships with the heads of chartered organizations that use the Scouting program.
  • Maintain liaison with Scouting associations in other countries as a member of the World Scout Conference.
  • Set and maintain program standards (e.g., Advancement, health and safety, etc.) to ensure consistency of the Scouting program quality throughout councils across the county.



  • New tools for Key 3 organization administrators:
    • Training Manager - view dashboard of position trained leader status and Youth Protection Training status by organization level, add training, and print member’s training certificate(s).
    • Organization Manager (previously known as Organization Profile) - create and manage unit’s organizational structure (dens, patrols, groups, crews, squads, committees, etc.). District/area/council organizational structure will be in a future release.
    • Member Manager - assign functional roles to members in each unit’s organizational structure, and manage roster.
    • My Dashboard - adult member can update additional profile information in My Profile, and view his/her training records (not just YPT).

Existing Functionality

  • Member can update personal contact information (e.g., address, phone, email).
  • Organization administrators can update member contact information, post announcements and enter calendar events for their organization.
  • Unit and district members can print membership card(s) for positions within their organizations. Except for:
    • Executive Officer
    • Administrative, and
    • Non-registered ‘functional’ roles
  • Unit’s chartered organization and their representative are identified, and Key 3 can enter unit social media contacts (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Key 3 can select and view roster by adult, youth or unit, and filter by position.

Coming Soon!

  • Key 3 will be able to grant 3 additional registered leaders (referred to as Administrative Delegate), the authority to update information.
  • Online registration with payment options.
  • Council administrator(s) will have ability to update news/announcements related to their council to be viewed by all members in their council organization structure.
  • Member will be able to associate multiple member IDs with an account.
  • Email alerts will be sent when calendar updates and announcements are made, along with providing calendar reminders, training expirations, and more.
  • Key 3 will be able to send targeted communications (i.e. by position, organization, custom list, etc.)
  • Key 3 will be able to record and report advancements and awards, and view advancement dashboard.
  • Parent and youth will have access to view their personal profile information and youth advancements.


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