Year 2013, No. 15  --  September 1, 2013

Popcorn HeaderPopcorn Campaign

2013 popcorn patchIs your unit selling popcorn? If not, why? This is one of the best fundraisers for Scouting. Trails End Popcorn is a quality brand with different types of popped and unpopped popcorn. Units who have participated with this program in prior years have Scouts who are able to attend Cub Resident Camp, Summer Camp, Philmont, or National Jamboree with little out-of pocket cash. To find out more about this year's Popcorn Campaign, go this link on the Los Padres Council website.  Check out this information, and if you still have questions, contact LPC Field Director Justin Jepsen at



Successful NYLT Course Held

34 Scouts dramatically improved their leadership skills by attending the recent National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) week-long course at Rancho Alegre. Organized into six teams, the Scouts learned and implemented leadership techniques that apply not only to Scouting but also to other aspects of their lives. The course was youth-led, including team guides that worked with each team. Ron Harmon, the course director, commented that “These Scouts are not future leaders. They are leaders right now, and we need to put them to work!” Great job to the adult staff, the youth staff, and the participants!


We have some great training coming up! Here's a list with a few comments. See the links on the LPC calendar for more information.

Sept. 14        Varsity & Venture Leader Specific Training: This is the classroom training for these adult unit leaders, and is full of helpful tips. These two programs are coming soon and participants should get their registrations submitted right away.

Sep 26–28, Oct 17–19

                     Wood Badge  Course canceled for 2013.  Next course will be in September and October, 2014.

Oct 12          Skills Workshop for Cub Scout Leaders and Parents: Cub Scout Leaders mainly have on-line training (except for BALOO). This is the opportunity for face-to –face training on a variety of topics that will help you work with Cub Scouts. Now is the time to request classes on the topics of your choice, or to volunteer to teach a class, so that we can adjust the program to your needs. If you are interested in attending and/or instructing, please contact Brad Ross (see below) so that we can get your input during the planning process.

Oct. 19/20    Pistol Instructor Training Offered in Western Los Angeles County Council

                           Jim Overman, an NRA training counselor and member of the shooting sports committee for WLACC, is offering a one/two day class to Scouters interested in being certified as NRA pistol instructors (only to be used by Venture Scouts). Future classes will be offered for Range Safety Officers (required now)  Rifle-pistol- shotgun and black powder rifle instruction for those scouters who have had NRA basic instructor classes within the last two years are not required to take them again. Others will need to be certified for basic and pistol, hence the two day class. The class is booked at Angeles Ranges (in Lakeview Terrace for October 19/20). Also there is a shooting requirement prior to taking the class. Cost for the two day class $100 and $50 for the one day class. All queries need to be directed to the instructor via e-mail for registration and remittance. Class(es) need to be locked in by September 28.

Oct. 26 & Nov. 2  

                     Wilderness First Aid: A great course for any unit that does backpacking, but if you are attending one of the four BSA High Adventure Camps, you need to have at least one certified individual on the trip (and a back-up is really recommended.) Participants must attend two all-day sessions at Camp French (note this is a correction to earlier posting) on October 26 and November 2 (8 am to 5 pm). Prior to the course, the participant must hold current certification in Basic First Aid and CPR/AED. Limited to 10 individuals, and each individual must be at least 15 years old.  Cost is $120 for LPC registered Scouts and Scouters. For more information, contact instructor George Brown at 459-4225.

Do you have any questions or requests regarding training? Please contact Brad Ross, the Council Training Chair, at We would like to implement High Adventure Training in the council. Please contact Brad if you are interested in helping put the courses together and staff the training. It’s great to be a trainer because you are learning along with the participants, and helping them to help the scouts.


Get It Done and Get Rewarded!
You'll Have Your New Uniform at a Discount, Plus a Bonus Patch!

Cub Scout Uniform Sale

If you've got a brand-new Cub Scout - or just the fast-growing kind who's advancing to the next level - we're making it easy to complete his official look and grab some welcome extras in one shopping stop.

Cub Scouts... when you buy a complete uniform now through October 27, you'll SAVE 10% and get a FREE PATCH (while supplies last) with your purchase! And the discount applies to all uniform components except for insignia, so it's a great time to gear up. Visit your local participating Scout Shop to purchase and save. For the list of qualifying uniform items go here or pick up the list at a participating Scout Shop.

If you prefer the convenience of buying online, visit our promotional product page to place your order. You must use this link to qualify for the online discount. A discount notification will appear at checkout and a free patch will automatically be added to your cart.

Offer is valid August 15-October 27 online and at participating Scout Shops . Patch supplies are limited, so shop early! Limit one patch per complete uniform purchase. The 10% savings offer excludes insignia but applies to all other required uniform components. Insignia is part of a complete uniform, although not discounted for this offer. Not valid on previous orders; may not be combined with any other offer.

Please share with parents - old and new - in your Pack!

Zombie Survival Camp

Would your Cub Scouts be able to survive a zombie apocalypse? Come to ZOMBIE SURVIVAL CAMP at Rancho Alegre on Saturday November 2 to learn zombie apocalypse survival skills. Some of the survival skills the Cub Scouts will be learning are zombie first aid, zombie tracking, anti-zombie fortresses, fire building, cooking, and pioneering.

      This is a Scouting event and before a Cub Scout can participate in all the fun activities he will have to be certified as a prepared for Zombie Apocalypse Scout.  Once they complete their training, they will receive their ZOMBIE SURVIVAL patch and can then participate in all the fun activities – like BB guns, archery, sling shots, face painting, and more!

All Cub Scouts are encouraged to bring their friends to ZOMBIE SURVIVAL CAMP. ZOMBIE SURVIVAL CAMP is meant to be a fun recruiting activity for Cub Scouts to invite their friends to. ZOMBIE SURVIVAL CAMP will showcase all the fun things Cub Scouts get to do – BB guns, archery, fire building, leatherwork, a closing campfire, and more!


Date: Saturday November 2, 2013
Time: 12 Noon – 6pm
Location: Rancho Alegre Scout Camp
Costs: $15 for current Cub Scouts.
          $10 for any Cub Scouts that bring a friend or any new Cub Scouts that have joined fall 2013.
Included in the costs are participation in Zombie Survival Camp, hot dog dinner, and a Zombie Survival Camp Patch.
Registration & More Information at Zombie Survival Camp

New Merit Badges Introduced at Jamboree

During this summer's Jamboree two new merit badges were released, one merit badge received a new option, and a fourth merit badge was announced for release next year.

  • Sustainability Merit Badge will become the newest Eagle-Required Merit Badge. It can be earned in place of Environmental Science. To download requirements and poster, click here.
  • Programming Merit Badge is a new Merit Badge that can be earned now. To download the requirements and a poster on this badge, click here.
  • A Mountain Biking option was added to the Cycling Merit Badge. Now a Scout has a choice of the classic touring option or the mountain biking option to complete this merit badge. To see the requirements and download a poster, click here.
  • Finally, in 2014, the BSA will release the new Mining in Society Merit Badge. General details are available on this badge in a Bryan on Scouting article.

Additional merit badges will be announced shortly, including the new requirements for the Eagle Required Cooking Merit Badge.

ATTENTION: All Commissioners

The California Central Coast College of Commissioner Science will be held Saturday, College of Commissioner Science PatchOctober 26, 2013, at St. Louis de Montfort Parish in Santa Maria. All registered Commissioners are strongly encouraged to participate in this advanced training program. Earn your Bachelors or Masters in Commissioner Science or begin working on your Doctorate. Additionally, it is planned that Commissioners from Southern Sierra and Ventura County Councils will be participating thereby providing a unique opportunity to network with Commissioners from three Councils. Cost is $30 which includes continental breakfast, lunch, and all materials. Registration starts at 7:45 am and the program runs from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Complete and submit the attached application or register online. For further information, contact Assistant Council Commissioner Jim Snowdy at

Los Padres Council Commissioners Earn New Award. At the May, 2011, National Meeting, the National Commissioner Support Team rolled out a new award to recognize Commissioners who are providing excellent Commissioner service. This award is the Commissioners Award of Excellence in Unit Service and is symbolized by a new square knot. Any registered Commissioner who provides direct service to at least two units can receive the award, regardless of their Commissioner designation. The requirements for the award are extensive and the award takes two years to complete. Given this, June of this year was the first opportunity for a Commissioner to receive the award. Unit Commissioner Bob Putney of the Del Norte District became the first Commissioner in the Los Padres Council to be eligible to receive the award when he completed the award requirements on June 1st. He was followed by Unit Commissioners Emil and Andrea Mesko of the Del Norte District who earned their awards on June 26th. Congratulations to these three Unit Commissioners who in earning this award, demonstrated excellence in their efforts in providing service to the units they serve. There are additional Commissioners in our council who over the summer will be completing the requirements for the award.

Bryan on Scouting

Here are some recent notices that will make your Scouting information up-to-date as more and more Scout Leaders are subscribing to the blog of the Editor of Scouting Magazine, Bryan Wendell, to obtain up-to-date information on the Scouting world. Bryan recently published these articles which might be of interest to many of our Los Padres Council readers:

In addition to these articles such as Ask the expert or special offers for Scouts, there are articles and contests with interests for all. To make this blog part of your personal reader go to this url and sign up for some very interesting and informative reading -


A lot has happened in the Order of the Arrow over the summer and several activities are planned for the fall. The big event in September is the Section W4N Conclave at Central Park in California City hosted by Yowlumne Lodge of Southern Sierra Council. Dates are September 18-20. To register go to Registration may NOT be done in any of the Los Padres Council Offices as our Lodge is not hosting this event. If you need a ride check with your Chapter Adviser.

Put the afternoon and evening of November 9th on your calendar for the Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) Training Session at Rancho Alegre.  That evening at 6 pm the Lodge will have its annual banquet with installation of officers.

Speaking of officers the following Arrowmen were elected Lodge Officers for 2013-2014:  Dylan Gillespie, Lodge Chief; Cody Lykins, Lodge Vice Chief; Brandon Dutcher, Secretary; Patrick Konkol, Treasurer. Outgoing Lodge Chief Sean Howell will be the Medicine Man. Chapters should be electing the Chapter Officers at meeting within the next month.

At the May Ordeal, Vigil Honor Elections were held and six Arrowmen were elected to this honor.  Taking the Vigil Ordeal on August 9 were Sean Howell, Dylan Wilder, Alex Wilder, and Vance Matzke. Doing his Vigil on August 17 was Cody Lykins. Our Council Program Director Ron Walsh will be doing his Vigil Ordeal at a later date.

The Camp French Summer Ordeal saw 22 new Ordeal Members and four members who advanced to Brotherhood.  During the Ordeal Arrowmen and candidates did numerous service projects to preserve the camp and remove old and unsafe equipment.

Thinking about attending the Centennial Anniversary NOAC in two years?  Now is the time to make your intentions known and learn about this opportunity.

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Upcoming Council Scouting Events

Below you will find a list of  some upcoming council-wide events for Los Padres Council. To register and/or pay for any of these events, click on the line and it will take you directly to the registration page. For events beyond the last date, click on the link to the calendar

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